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  • A guide To Advertisements on Instagram


    A guide To Advertisements on Instagram

    Last fall, Instagram rolled out their new Advertising model.  They released it on a small scale to generate some testing results and user feedback, and today the advertisement feature isn’t running on a full scale, but it will be soon. It currently isn’t accessible to all advertisers, only a certain few as of yet, but you can bet that shortly when the feature is fully released Instagram advertising is going to be a BIG thing. Why? Because Instagram is used by 300 million mobile users a month. Nowhere else can you access such an audience of mobile users.

    A guide To Advertisements on Instagram

    Levi’s sponsored is an Instagram Advertisement

    Have you started seeing Ads on your Instagram feed yet? If so, here is a brief Guide and Tutorial for dealing with the ads that may appear on your feed:

    What Determines Which Ads Get Served To Me?

    Instagram uses advanced, smart methods for delivering the right ads to the right people. They will take information from your Instagram and Facebook accounts (Facebook own Instagram) . Information such as your likes: The brands, pages, photos, etc that you have liked. They will also take into consideration your age, sex and interests.

    They will use all of this information to determine which ads you see. This is great for both the advertiser and the user because The user will likely see an ad that interests them, while the advertiser would be getting his ad seen by a highly targeted user. The ads here will be a lot more subtle here than other places online due to the advanced targeting and filtering features that are in place.

    What Companies Are Currently Running Ads?

    The advertising feature is still new, in a beta mode preparing for full release so currently there are only a few brands that you will notice ads from, and these are: Paypal, Starwood, Michael Kors, Burberry, Ben & Jerry’s and Adidas. More advertisers will surely be partnering any time soon.

    What To Do If You Don’t Like An Ad?

    As a user, if you come across an ad that you don’t like for whatever reason, you are not forced to see it multiple times if you don’t want too. If you notice an ad that you’d rather not see again while using Instagram, press the “…” icon below the ad and choose to hide it, you can also submit feedback to Instagram and the advertiser and tell them what you didn’t like about it.