Stranger Things’ actors buy 100 real Instagram followers to present their partners to the world

Stranger Things is one of the most popular T.V. series in the world. They have more than fifteen million of viewers distributed all over the world. Of course, USA is the country with more viewers, because it is the country of origin. Thanks to this T.V. series, its actors and actresses, who were not very famous, have become Hollywood’s stars. Thanks to their work, they buy 100 real Instagram followers every time they want to reveal news.

That is the case of Gaten Matarazzo, the young American actor of 15 years old. He plays the role of Dustin Henderson on Stranger Things. Gaten started to play the role of Dustin in 2016, when he was thirteen years.

Dustin is one of the most beloved roles by the spectators. For this reason it is not uncommon that Dustin has more than eight million of followers on his Instagram’s account. So, when he is going to reveal some news, he decides to buy 100 real Instagram followers to boost his account.

The last time, when he decided to buy 100 real Instagram followers was when he announced that he suffered cleidocranial dysplasia, the same disease that Dustin, whose role he plays, suffers. When he announced that, all Stranger Things T.V. series’ fan applauded his bravery and sincerity, and people, with the same disease, thanked him for making the disease more visible and recognized, helping them to be proud.

But, the second time he decided to announced that his sister was going to appear in the T.V. shows: The American. He decided to buy 100 real Instagram followers up to five times, to help promote his sister’s band.

The last time was June 9th, when he posted a picture with three friends. Nevertheless, this post surprised to all his fans. Because he appeared with two girls and a boy, and one of this girl is his girlfriend. He posted a picture kissing to Lizzy Yu, his girlfriend and school dance date. Before posting this picture, he decided to buy 100 real Instagram followers up to ten times, so he bought one thousand followers from ten different websites!! Protection Status for