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Is it safe to buy 10 Instagram followers?

That depends on what you might understand with safe. Using a payment system like ours will assure you a safe payment and we also make sure you are on a protected website, which will ensure that your financial data is safe. It is a good idea to use Google Chrome when you buy 10 Instagram followers to ensure you that you are on a non-malicious website when you buy 10 Instagram followers. Of course, our website is supported by Google Chrome because we are a safe website. Each provider is different and when you don’t choose the correct supplier, the quality of followers that are delivered to your account may harmfully influence your Instagram experience and the way you look on this social network. So choose wisely when you buy 10 Instagram followers.

When buying 10 Instagram followers, are they real people?

Of course. Instagram follower providers vary a lot and mostly they all provide bot services, but when you buy 10 Instagram followers from us you can sit back and relax because our followers are real people, you will not be able to notice the difference between your followers and the ones you have bought. Some Instagram services might be more economic, but they deliver you inactive and downright fake accounts as followers, these are bots and you can recognize them easily. So don’t buy 10 Instagram followers from other services, but buy Instagram followers from Insta4likes because our followers are real and engaging ones. Remember, the more active and present the followers are, the more they will like and comment on your posts.

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What do you mean by real followers when I buy 10 Instagram followers?

We consider followers to be real when they are a human which is why you should buy 10 Instagram followers from us. Many providers will give you auto-follow accounts which are basically bots that have little to no interaction, no profile, no comments, no images nothing. It is a plain account with no content and it does nothing but pad the number of followers for your account. These are the low-cost followers and most widespread types of followers you can buy. We are different and offer you the possibility to buy 10 Instagram followers which are real human beings. It is a good reason to buy 10 Instagram followers from us. The quality of our accounts is that the account belongs to a real person and has posted pictures recently. They probably will engage with you by liking or commenting on your pics and vids, they have a real profile, images and comments of their own and have followers themselves. The good quality of our accounts means that the account is a current, real profile and of course that will engage with you. They will comment on your uploads, share them with their followers and usually be a contribution to your Instagram profile when you buy 10 Instagram followers. The best Instagram Follower provider are we because we sell the followers of these types of accounts and it is what you can expect when you buy 10 Instagram followers. We are more exclusive than the others but the ratio of quality to price is much better because our followers are real and not bot followers. Protection Status for