Look-a-likes of celebrities get more real Instagram followers

Look-a-likes of celebrities get more real Instagram followers
December 11, 2017 Merle. i4L Staff Writer
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They are famous people on Instagram because they look like celebs. Nwy they get more real Instagram thanks to the similarities with the famous.

The celebrities’ life changes when they become famous. Their lives changes as they have more fans, which we can see on Instagram as they get more real Instagram followers or more likes on Instagram. But this is not all, because also normal similar people become famous thanks to their similarities with the celebrities.

Actually, some of this doubles are more famous than celebs on Instagram and get more followers and likes every day. How? They are active and have more interactions with their followers than the celebrities.

Sometimes, the celebrities don’t even have an Instagram profile, and their look-a-likes take advantage of that, pretending to be the authentic celebrity. For example, Jennifer Lawrance doesn’t have an Instagram account, so you only can interact with fan made accounts and with her double, Alexia Maier, who is J. Lawrance double, and she has become famous thanks to  The Hunger Games. Since the premier of the first film, she gets more real Instagram followers thanks to their similarities, her adventures trying to get photos of Jennifer Lawrance or making a cosplay of Katniss Everdeen.


Another example is Sofia Solares, a Mexican instagrammer who looks like Selena Gomez. Thanks to her similarities and the fame of Selena, Sofia gets more real Instagram followers, with four hundred ninety eight thousands of followers. She is a fan of Selena and now can emulated her style and pictures on Instagram. Maybe, if she has the same voice as Selena, we will be lucky to hear her sometime and see two Selena’s on the stage.


Of course, the male celebrities also have their doubles. For example, in England we have Ty Jones, Ed Sheeran’s double. He has more than seven thousands of followers, all of this thanks to his similarities with Sheeran. Now, he gets more real Instagram followers thanks to his YouTube channel and his own work.


With this post, we want to show you how looking like someone can bring great advantages, which lead to getting more real Instagram followers and bring big changes to your life.