Kudryavtseva showed a before and after Photoshop

Kudryavtseva showed a before and after Photoshop
June 20, 2020 Carol
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By Carol from Insta4likes

The changed appearance of the presenter has become the subject of heated discussion


Lera Kudryavtseva decided to witty answer her friend. She also processed her photo in the editor, showing how it can change. “And just try not to recognize me,” the leading Sobchak threatened jokingly.

Fans were shocked at how Photoshop changed Kudryavtsev. True, it is worth noting that in the original version of the frame she looks completely different. A picture of Lera with bruises under her eyes and a scarf on her head was taken on the set.

By the way, a sense of humor is one of the secrets of Kudryavtseva’s perfect marriage. Recently, the presenter celebrated the wedding anniversary with Igor Makarov. On the day of the copper wedding, the TV star prepared a touching surprise for her beloved. She edited a video with joint pictures for a romantic song with a declaration of love.

Kudryavtseva and her husband, we recall, raise their daughter Masha together, who will be two years old in August. Recently, Lera showed how independent her daughter is growing. Despite her young age, Masha loves to help her mom with housework. Before this, the presenter admitted that last year she could give birth to another child, but she could not bear the baby.