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    How Instagram can boost your online presence

    How Instagram can boost your online presence

    How Instagram can boost your online presence. If you are someone with a company or a business and you are looking to expand your online presence and the influence you have over people online then there are many places where you can look in order to work on it. However, nowadays, there is one app which is attracting the lion’s share of attention when it comes to online marketing and getting people interested and involved with companies, their products, their services and their brands. This one place which brings together hundreds of millions of people and millions of businesses so that they can get a better idea of each other is Instagram

    What is Instagram?

    It is quite an achievement not to have heard any kind of mention of Instagram at some point in recent years as time and time again people have turned to it for the latest updates on news, sports, entertainment and products but if you are at a loss, here’s a brief overview: Instagram is a photo-based social network. It is increasingly becoming the place to get your information from for a staggering amount of young people.

    The social network has an active user base of around a billion people, and nearly seven hundred million of them are under the age of 35. What’s more, of all the users, 80% of them follow at least business or brand while 60% of them have discovered a product they were interested in purchasing on Instagram. Instagram also offers the highest rate of brand engagement across all the social media sites, with Instagram rate being ten times greater than its nearest rival, Facebook. Overall, around five hundred million Instagram accounts access the site on a daily basis.

    Why are people and businesses choosing Instagram?

    The move to Instagram can largely be explained by the ease at which it operates. Instagram allows its users to share messages with the world through pictures with captions and some minor editing. This means that Instagram users spend a lot less time preparing their posts than users of other social media, such as Facebook or Twitter, which are more text-based. Similarly, it is easier to take in visual messages as opposed to textual ones, while they are also more open to interpretation and have a quicker and more direct impact.

    Additionally, this focus on images as opposed to words means that Instagram is a better choice for those wishing to spread their messages all around the world, including people who may speak a language other than their own. Instagram is also organized in such a way that it is quite easy to search for content you are interested in while also being relatively quick in sifting through the results. There are also several features that Instagram offers, such as livestreaming and Instagram Stories, which allow for a significant amount of creativity to be displayed by those who take their time to know how to use it.

    A combination of the attractive features, the easy process for preparing and delivering content and the ease with which you can communicate with people spread across the globe makes Instagram an attractive prospect for social media users. And, in turn, with so many people signing up for Instagram and using it on a regular basis, this means that a lot of businesses have also taken notice and have to decided to get involved as well in order to keep up-to-date with the latest consumer trends.

    How do businesses work on Instagram?

    Most businesses on Instagram, there are about 25 million of them, use it to promote their products and services and, more importantly, their brand. It is somewhat natural to offer followers and users information about your products and services. However, another approach that can be quite successful when using Instagram is to develop a more complete and fully-rounded brand to sell to your customers. By developing a brand, you are able to develop a very clear image of who you are as a company and what you stand for and what qualities you bring to the table so that anytime you roll out a new product or service, your followers will know what to expect. This can be done through the content you post on your Instagram profile, by the interaction you engage in with your followers and other Instagram users that are interested in your account. There are a whole range of ways that an official Instagram account can be used to transmit a set of values and interests that belong to your company, which will stick in the minds of your customers, both current and potential ones.

    Getting to grips with the basic functions of Instagram

    The important thing about Instagram is the interaction with other Instagram users. This can be done through likes, comments, views and follows. This combination of interaction helps you expand the influence of your profile and as you get more of each, then you will be able to be seen by more Instagram users, and you will be on your way to popularity. If you are struggling to get enough interaction, it is always possible to invest in these features in order to give yourself a boost. There are sites out there where can buy Instagram followers, among other features, and, by using these carefully, you can increase the popularity of your account and, in turn, gain more exposure for your company. With more exposure, more people will know about you and there will be more talk and interest in your company, which can only be a good thing.

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    Appreciating Your Instagram Fans and Followers – A Few Easy Tactics


    Instagram has come a long way! It has gained a new dimension than just a photo-sharing social platform. Today, the platform is getting used by brands, start-up entrepreneurs, and celebrities to reach out to their followers and increase their social mileage. It’s your followers who make you a real star on Instagram. Hence, you must show your appreciation for them from time to time. It will make them feel counted and will make them stay loyal to you and your brand.

    Statuses or news feeds like “Thank you for following us for one year” or “Thank you for 2000 followers” are not new. Brands do this from time to time to thank their followers. Thank you, messages are essential, as it shows your followers that you count on them. It makes them happy. Hence, whether you have attained 500 or 1000 followers, make it a point to acknowledge your followers. This small appreciation will go a long way.

    Get your followers

    As you thank your Instagram followers, it is also essential to get more followers. Every brand and business want to grow and expand on Instagram. Do you resonate with this? If yes, then you must be implementing the tactics to gain Instagram followers organically. While this is a good way, you can also accelerate the pace of attaining followers by purchasing them from trusted service providers.

    Today, there are reputed service providers that help you to buy 25 real Instagram followers. You can choose the number of followers depending on your requirement. It’s a good move to purchase followers in moderation. It will complement the rise of your follower organically as well. Also, people tend to follow Instagram profiles that have an impressive follower count. These service providers make it easy for you to choose the number of followers you want to purchase and complete the transaction process. To know more about this, you can check out

    Appreciating your Instagram followers

    When you are on Instagram, you need to get expressive. It is essential to show your adoration for the followers and let them know that you are happy that they followed you. You can make a point about how you feel about them following you. Make sure that you don’t share an overwhelming response and go overboard. It is essential to stay balanced and let your followers know that their presence and involvement counts. Are you wondering how to go about it? If yes, here are few easy tactics that can help you appreciate your Instagram followers and get more followers in return.

    1. Follow your followers

    The initial way to get connected with your fans is to give them some attention. For instance, did they follow you and tagged you in a post on Instagram? If, yes then the first thing to do is to follow them back. Not every celebrity or business follows back their followers. Hence, if yours is a start-up business and you are looking for more social mileage, follow back your followers. It will make them feel special, and they will like all your posts and might share the same on social media. It will boost your social mileage and help you reach out to a new fan base you didn’t know existed.

    1. Show some love

    Did a follower share a comment on your post? Is it feedback? Is it a general comment? If yes, you have the chance to turn it into your favor by appreciating the same. The first thing to do is to show your follower some love, literally. Instagram allows a heart reaction to every comment shared by your followers. It indicates that you loved the comment or the feedback. So go ahead and make use of this option. Your fans and followers will love it when you love their comments. It will make them feel special and want to stick with your brand more.

    1. Respond with a comment

    It’s not an unknown fact that followers like to get acknowledged and want to interact with their best brands. Hence, if they have left you a comment, you might as well respond with a reply to the same. For instance, if a follower shared their suggestion about your service or product, you can respond by saying, “Thank you for taking the time to share your valuable suggestion. It means a lot to us”. Similarly, if a follower asked for information, you can reply with the required links.

    1. Thank your followers

    You must keep a check of your followers who are constantly liking and sharing your posts. Chances are you will find few loyal names who constantly like and share your content. It’s a good gesture to acknowledge them by thanking them. You can tag their Instagram IDs and thank them.

    When you appreciate your followers, your followers tend to stay loyal to you. They recommend you to others as well. And this enables you to increase your reach on Instagram. Hence, go all the way to appreciate your Instagram followers.



  • Christmas marketing campaigns on Instagram that can flourish by using these strategies

    Christmas marketing campaigns on Instagram that can flourish by using these strategies


    Christmas marketing campaigns on Instagram that can flourish by using these strategies. There is every reason you should be among the 25 million businesses that use Instagram to promote their products and services. Besides it is a great way to use for brand building awareness among the majority of the one billion active users. The most important reason for taking your business to Instagram is because it is easier to garner attention on the platform as 90% of users follow at least one business, which gives enormous brand exposure. Moreover, by buying real followers periodically from, you can augment your follower base and derive meaningful business results.

    Gain mileage from Instagram marketing

    Using Instagram for your Christmas marketing campaign will give you a lot of advantage in reaching your target customers. Both existing and potential, by staying closely engaged with them to share the fun and joys of the festive season.  Depending on your ability to get the most from Instagram. You can maximize the business gains during the holiday season despite the intense competition. Every business tries to ramp up it’s marketing by exploiting Instagram’s business-friendly features, which do not have any parallel.

    Create campaigns with some thought

    Customers do not welcome all promotional campaigns, especially if they feel it to be intrusive. You can create some inspiring holiday marketing campaigns by aligning them correctly with the targeted audience’s psyche. Here are ways to create effective campaigns that can evoke a positive response from the audience that signals revenue flow.

    Float gift ideas

    Christmas is the gifting season when people buy a lot of gifts for themselves and others. Align your marketing campaign to capture people’s gifting mood and target them with content specially created with enthralling visuals of various gifting ideas that have links to your product line created for the holiday season.  Create content with vibrant images and captivating captions that encourage the audience to take some action that serves your business. Highlight the collection’s specialty by underscoring the holiday spirit elements and stirs emotions that promote a closer engagement with holiday shoppers.

    Focus on user-generated content

    Creating a content plan with purpose will enable better engagement and the holiday season provides ample scope to take the engagement a level above by encouraging user-generated content. If your brand has a strong follower base and loyal customers. You can encourage them to post images and videos posing with your products or upholding it in some way on Instagram. Create a festive hashtag that can connect users who respond to your call and post photos as desired.   Depending on the campaign’s popularity. You can even convert it into an annual festival that the audience would wait anxiously every Christmas.

    Give clues about holiday styles

    To help customers make the right purchasing decisions during Christmas buying. You can provide holiday style hacks to your followers that include your products and inspire them to buy.  Address the customer pain points through your campaign without referring to your products to not encroach into their privacy but tacitly encourage them to buy from you.

    Take advantage of long-form video on IGTV to make your campaign more appealing.

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    Real follower instagram app to travel around the world


    Couples all around the world travel looking for adventure and trying to get to know the world we live in. In this occasion, we will explain how you can use Instagram in your travels and combine it with Real Follower Instagram Apps.

    Instagram is a powerful publicity tool for big companies, which we see in how travel companies, hotel chains, or clothing brands has made the life of travelling couples easier, offering trips, free rooms, etc., in exchange for publicity. Necessarily the couples must not have any fear to fly, be in possession of a camera, and have lots of followers. The first two requirements are easy to obtain, but the second one might be a bit harder. A great start to obtain followers is using a Real Follower Instagram App, which allows us to increase rapidly our followers, and take the first steps to get a potential influencer profile.

    We will leave you some examples of travelling couples:

    The first of them, and most famous, is the Morris couple, with their @doyoutravel profile, and the Bullen, with their @gypsea_lust, and the two of them together have over 3 million followers, pretty elevated numbers, although we could even get them higher with the use of Real Follower Instagram App. Once we have our followers, we must select carefully our pictures, in which we have to capture the magic of the environment, and even look handsome for our followers!

    Another big player on Instagram is the case of Murad Osmann, although maybe it doesn’t ring a bell, maybe his shots do, as they are all from the back of his wife holding his hand, and leading him through every corner of the world. They have an Instagram profile where de post their shots, and with over 4 million followers. Nowadays there are thousands of touristic destinations are fighting over each other to be immortalized in the pics of Nataly’s back, holding her husband’s Murad hand.

    And it all started with a shot in Barcelona of Nataly pulling Murad forwards while he was taking pictures.

    Like them, there’re hundreds of travelling couples on Instagram and other social media. If you are interested in being a travelling couple, with the advantages it has, remember the most important thing: having millions of followers. And those first moments to get you started and for that first little push, using a Real Follower Instagram App might be useful.

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    How to buy 150 Instagram followers


    So, are you looking for a better position on Instagram? Buying Instagram followers is the solution for you!

    Insta4likes works with only real profiles, which are active people, they post pictures and keep their profiles up to date. This is exactly why buying Instagram followers from us is the best option for you to grow, because we have the best profiles! A big plus of our company is that you we offer you the possibility to buy 150 Instagram followers with Bitcoin. Ever heard of it? Bitcoin is a technology, currency, investment vehicle, and a community of users.