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  • Girlfriend betrayed by Meghan Markle promised to settle accounts with her

    Girlfriend betrayed by Meghan Markle promised to settle accounts with her


    The Duchess will still regret that she treated with Jessica Mulroney.

    As it became known, Meghan Markle lost a close friend and acquired the worst enemy in the person of her former friend. And all because of Meghan Markle’s ambitious desire to follow all the trends and seem to be impeccably politically correct. And now the old and very close friend of the Duchess promised to avenge the lawful wife of Prince Harry for the way she treated her. As it became known from an insider, she gave the floor to write her memoirs about Megan to lay out the truth about the duchess without embellishment…

    It is about Jessica Mulroney, with whom the Duchess was friends for many years. But as soon as Jessica took one wrong step – she fell into disgrace at Megan. Mulroney, inadvertently, quarreled with his colleague, stylist-blogger Sasha Exeter. Mulroney’s mistake was that she took on her account the accusations of the African-American Exeter that “some do not support the BLM movement,” which began after the murder by the police of black George Floyd. Jessica then allowed herself to react sharply to Sasha’s remark and even threatened to deprive her, using her connections, of work.

    As a result, Mulroney suffered a total boycott. She was declared a racist, taken off the air of a fashion show hosted by Jessica, fired her from another popular show – Good Morning America, where she was a regular commentator. And even forced to leave the charity foundation founded with her participation. But when the confused Jessica turned for support to her best friend Meghan Markle, she did not want to answer her call and did not call back afterward. Markle simply deleted Mulroney from the list of friends, not even giving that opportunity to justify herself.

    But they had been friends for so long … Jessica and Megan met back in 2011, when Markle, still a little-known actress, came to Canada to star in Force Majeure. And Jessica, who had already become an authoritative stylist at the time, helped Megan create both her on-screen and everyday image. They continued to communicate after Megan began dating Harry. Mulroney was not only an honored guest at Megan’s wedding in Windsor, but also became one of the godfather of the son of the Duchess: Archie … And just because of one miss, Jessica became for Megan “persona non grata”. And now Mulroney promised to get even with Markle in her memoirs. And Jessica, as she assured, has a story to tell, because she knows almost everything about Megan.

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